Our due diligence and decision making process involves a comprehensive environmental strategy which involves planning, training, implementation, reporting and reviewing.

Greenwood Management will invest only in agroforestry plantations on non forested "degraded" land.

We will not finance any projects that contravene any relevant environmental agreement which has been enacted into law. Neither will Greenwood Management finance any projects that are in any way engaged in illegal logging activities or do not have a clear policy against the uncontrolled or illegal controlled use of fire in their plantation. Environmental compliance is actively managed, with our professional teams routinely performing internal audits of our compliance status.

We will recognise the rights, culture and resources of indigenous people. The due diligence and research conducted before we purchase land is to clarify any possible claims by indigenous people, past and present, to ensure that no lands be acquired that may play a role in creating a negative social impact on the people and its communities.

All our employees are trained to take full responsibility in their implementation of our policies. We manage our timber resources mindful of the long-term impacts on the forest and on the communities nearby.

All employees will be registered with the local authorities. Wherever possible, we will employ local people with the required skills to aid in the operations of our plantations whilst benefiting the local rural community. We will incentivise all our employees in order to increase both their earning capabilities as well as the overall efficiency of our operations.

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