Site Planning

The screenshot below shows the locations of Greenwood Managements current operations in Western Bahia in relation to the township of Barreiras, the most developed urban centre in the area. The new main motorways can be seen in yellow, and the new railway line that is currently being built can be seen in blue.

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Blue area - Greenwood Agropecuaria ltda contractor base and storage

Red areas - Sites developed in 2010

White areas - Sites currently under management

Blue line - New railway line currently under development

Yellow lines - New motorways


In 2008 Greenwood Management S.L started the planning process for the proposed agroforestry projects in Brazil. In order to proceed, a feasibility study was carried out to ensure the site was located in a region with high agricultural activity. Furthermore, buyers for timber products were found to be easily reachable by rail or road.

There are a number of Google Earth tours that you can access below in order to view the region in greater detail.

Take A Virtual Google Tour Below

Virtual Tour - Local wood users

  • Bunge, Galvani, and Cargill: These three companies are the largest of the wood consumers in the local area.
  • Wood Transportation: In the township of Barreiras.
  • Local repair: Reliable repairers of farm machinery and equipment.
  • Verdant Energy Solutions: Greenwood Management S.L progressed with the signing of a letter of intent to supply eucalyptus in 2008 to this American based company. VES are currently planning a new bio-coal facility in this region.
  • Ferrobahia: Currently building the first pig iron plant in Bahia and directly located along the new rail line currently being built in the region of the plantation operations.

Virtual Tour - Site Planning 2010

  • Current sites in [White]
  • Sites in the planning process for 2010 [Red]

Virtual Tour - Fazenda Vale do Buriti

  • Shows Fazenda Vale do Buriti with photo's throughout its development [August 2008-March 2010]

Virtual Tour - New Train Line

  • Shows the route of the new train transport link [Blue] and existing links
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