Annual Client Project Reports

The Agroforestry investment project proposal presents the initial key proposal to explore the feasibility of the development and establishment of a Eucalyptus tree farm in the Bahia region of Brazil. The proposed project proposal has been designed with a series of timely decision points to allow full control of the project financing and progress.


The 2009/10 phase 1 Client Report is an abridged version of the initial research undertaken by Greenwood Management in the planning stages of the project. It focuses on Brazil, the forest products industry, and the environment for the project. As the forestry investment project is progressed, the phase 2 report identifies location, properties, development potential, and projected costings for the project. Again, this is a shortened version detailing key information for clients. As the reporting moves forward to phase 3, the analysis details the physical installation of the project.


Phase 4, “Implementation and Maintenance” outlines the continued progression of the Greenwood forestry investment projects in Bahia State, Brazil. The ongoing planting programme is described and assessed, utilising the Quantifiable Quality Standards of Forestry Task methodology as the template for assessment.


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