What we do

We develop tree farms and forestry projects around the world with specific focus in Brazil and Canada. This practice is known as agroforesty, due to its similarity with both agriculture and forestry and it is helping to ease the strain on the world's natural resources.

The company's focus in Canada is to align it's activities in order to support the current local established agroforestry markets in specific areas and as such Greenwood's New Brunswick project has been designed to take advantage of the buoyant Christmas tree farming industry. At the start or the project is was confirmed that Greenwood Management's activities in the area, assuming the effective establishment of a full time tree farm in York county, would contribute to approximately 2% of the provinces annual sales.

When we enter into a project we take on board a number of different issues to assess the viability. The projects are broken into several phases which allow a series of timely decision points for the progression of the projects and/or to allow for changes to the project engineering and financing.

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