Sites under development

Cross Creek - York County

The primary focus for the project was to find an ideal location to feasibly supply Christmas trees grown intensively in a farm like operation to the US. The project would also look to sell greenery to this market

The US market is of paramount concern to the project and it was reported in Phase 1 that approximately 85% of the trees grown in New Brunswick support the US Christmas tree Market.

The Canadian share of the North American Christmas tree Production ranges generally between 7% and 15% whilst annually 40 million trees are cut to supply this market.

The table below shows the market shares of the primary Christmas tree producing states in Canada.

The New Brunswick Christmas tree industry is reported to have 350 active growers putting to market approximately 0.5 million trees annually which generates revenues of around $10 million (cdn).

In 2008 Greenwood Management S.L. progressed with the purchase of the York County site situated off highway 107 in Cross Creek. This site consisted of a total area for conversion of over 107 acres of land. On the site inspection the area had shown signs at the front of previous cultivation, and had recently been clear-cut harvested at the back end by a local timber company.

The initial remote sensing assessment showed that the site had the potential to convert 43.7 hectares to a full time Christmas tree operation planting approximately 110,000 trees on the site area assuming appropriate investment was made into the site conversion.

It was expected therefore that by 2018 the market share for the project would provide 2% of New Brunswick's total Christmas tree output.

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