Project Development

When we start to develop the projects we look at a number of different issues, such as country risk, infrastructure, market stability, social and environmental impacts, land values, species risk and profitability.

The Christmas tree project in York County, New Brunswick has also been developed with this in mind. The project was then developed in stages that allow Greenwood Management complete control to develop a plan over time that will add security, flexibility and allow for changes in project engineering and financing.

For clients involved in the capital funding stages of the projects we issue a Project Report annually that briefly outlines each step taken in the project development over the course of the previous year. The first year's report for the Christmas tree project comprises of the first two phases taken in the development of the project, this includes the research stage known as Phase 1 and the site inspection stage known as Phase 2. Phase 3 of the project reports is the site development followed by the physical installation of the tree farm.

The later annual reports are therefore generally lighter, and consist mainly of the recommendations and actions taken over the course of the previous years to improve the environment for the projects actively under management.

The initial Phase 1 report for the Christmas tree projects satisfied the requirements laid down by Greenwood Management in its operating procedure, and was focused on the environment for the establishment of a full time Christmas tree farm in York County.

After the overall environment for the project had been researched in Phase 1, we then research the project's finer details and then proceed to Phase 2, where we begin to establish a contacts list. This will include information on competing growers in the area, suppliers of services, governmental and regulatory departments, and best management practises. Phase 3 is the physical installation of the project with Phase 4 monitoring the environment of the investment.

Each phase of the project is developed to provide sufficient information for an informed decision to move forward with the project, or to allow for adjustments.

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