Company profile

Greenwood Management S.L. is a registered forestry investment company situated in Palma, Mallorca. The company looks to acquire bare land and afforested land in areas that show investment potential for the company's long term goals. Established in 2008, Greenwood Management has developed significantly and now has operations in over 8 countries covering 3 continents.

Scope in Canada

Our team in Canada includes legal experts, farm experts and forestry consultants. This company structure enables us to utilise the expertise of each individual to assess the potential of our agricultural and forestry management projects. In addition to other forestry projects in the region Greenwood Management will be looking to acquire further land sites for the conversion to full time agroforestry Christmas tree farms.

Environment and Safety

As a company, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work. Through the creation of our projects, we look to provide new jobs in rural areas and focus on employing people from the local vicinity.

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